Why Choose our Company?

At PACHO Build, we have years of experience in the building and joinery industry. We have tackled projects large and small and are always eager to show our creative abilities to new clients.

We listen to your ideas and work closely with you throughout the project to ensure your needs are being met.
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Work Fully Insured and Guaranted
We have public liability insurance worth £5 million.

All of the work we do at PACHO Build is fully insured and guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind now and at the end of the project.

We focus on maintaining high customer relations and want to go above and beyond expectations with every project that we do.

house extension service House Extension

We have been working with customers for years on house extensions and look forward to working with you on yours.

Whether you want to increase the size of your kitchen, add more square footage to your home with a second level, or something else, we provide bespoke services to meet your every need.
house extension photo
Learn about how to increase the size of your home with various extension options, providing you with more space instead of moving into a larger home.

We have a high reputation for workmanship in the area and will meet all of your requirements and adhere to all building standards.

You can add value and space to your property and with our services, we can achieve all of your aesthetic goals. Learn more by viewing our project portfolio.

loft conversion service Loft Conversion

One of the easiest and most effective renovations that can take place in your home is to convert a loft. You will have a lot more space within your home and it can increase the value as well.

You don’t have to move into a larger home – we will show you how converting your loft can be the solution you have been searching for.
loft conversion photo
It will give you more space and meet all of your desired aesthetics with a bespoke design.

We can provide you with the loft conversion needed to turn your home into a dream home. We have a highly skilled team of carpenters and joiners, and have competitive pricing.

Let us talk to you about how we can help with this project by calling to schedule a free consultation.

new build service New Build

There is no reason you cannot get exactly what you want. At PACHO Build, we offer new builds so you can have full control over all of the design elements. We provide you with the entire process, from planning permissions to completing the home or other building.

We will build anything you need, ranging from an entire home to a shed behind your existing home.
new build photo
This ensures you never have to settle.

Our goal is always to go above and beyond customer expectations. We listen to design ideas, use the best materials, and have highly skilled workers to ensure that you love the finished product. We provide communication throughout the project, are courteous to neighbours, and follow time schedules.

Learn more about how we can help with a new build today.

general building service General Building

We offer general building projects for your home to meet all of your individual needs and desires. Whether you need interior or exterior refurbishments or you are looking for a specific build to occur within a room, we have the talent and knowledge to make it happen.
general building photo
You will sit down with one of our building consultants to discuss the extent of the project and we will then brainstorm for the most effective solution to your current problem.

At PACHO Build, we look forward to taking on new projects of all sizes and enjoy the possibilities that exist.

We are always looking at new designs and can provide plenty of solutions that are able to maintain the style of a building and use green materials for a more eco-friendly approach.