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Home Extensions

rear and Side Return Kitchen Extensions

With over a decade of experience in extending homes in London we build all types of extensions to suit your individual needs.

From side and rear to wrap around, loft and basement, our extensions are built to last and to provide you desired comfort and luxury of extra space that is designed exactly to meet your family requirements.

We help to plan and design your new kitchen extension and provide you with the most optimal solution for your home type. We thoroughly discuss the scope of works with you and keep you informed as we make progress on site.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you?

roof and loft extensions

Loft extensions are one of the most popular amongst Londoners. Not only it is a great way of providing extra space at relatively inexpensive cost, compared to moving to a larger property, it can also significantly raise the price tag of your property if you ever think of selling.

Our loft extension all-in-one package covers everything from initial planning and design phase to completion.

Our dedicated customer service includes assistance in gaining planning permissions, if you need one, and covers all aspects of works, such as flooring, plumbing and electrical works, installing skylights and roof windows as well as proper and safe access to your brand new loft space.

the construction process

Initial Meeting
& Site Survey
We discuss project
requirements on site
and confirm next steps.
Site Preparation
We arrange necessities
and complete a checklist
of activities on site.
We commence the works
and ensure you are kept
up to date with progress.
We arrange snagging
list and prepare
payment certificates.
Completion Pack
& Guarantees
We arrange a Completion
Pack for you including
project documentation.

Kitchen Extension Budget Planning

There are number of things that you need to consider upon planning the budget of your new home extension.

Bear in mind the size and layout, overall design and structure, external finishes and internal remodelling, fittings and fixtures, and type and size of doors. Don't forget that internal remodelling can be quite a cost itself, if what you desire is a complete makeover, the budget may raise significantly.

Regardless of size and complexity, our skilled team goes the extra mile to complete your new extension project to your exact specification on a timely manner. Our tailored services cater for all budget sizes so don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements in detail.

To move or to improve?

You may feel you got stuck in your cramped home and you start to consider a move. We tend to picture a move to new home as a fresh start and a beginning of something new and exciting, however it may not always be the case budget-wise. Think about all extra costs you'll have to bear, such as stamp duty, agents' and solicitors' fees plus a van hire on top of it all.

Think again about your current home potential, there is always something you can improve and add some extra space to your home. Loft and kitchen extensions can be the answer to your needs. Don't hesitate to call us and we'll be delighted to provide you with a written quote and some good advice on minimising the costs of your home improvement.